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It Started Out With A Kiss.....

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January 24th, 2005

02:10 pm - bored again!
Are you in Love? yes.....i think so....yes, yes i am
Are you single or taken? Taken
If single, for how long? -
If taken, for how long?emm its kinda hard 2 judge,long distance and all...but me thinx like...3 months
If taken, by whom? a muppet

1. Kristabell
2. Tiny Tim
3. Pisshead

1. Kiki ramone
2. emmm i dont use chatrooms only this and msn!
3. emmm....yea

1. legs
2. feet for dancing
3. belly button piercing

1. alcoholism
2. anxity attacks
3. ears

1. Scottish
2. irish
3. muppetish

1. Spiders/insects
2. failure
3. little girl ghosts

1. make up
2. carbs
3. Sexual innuendos

1. School uniform
2. glasses
3. bells on my toes

1. The Killers
2. Razorlight
3. Kasabian

1. Somebody Told Me
2. Get Right
3. La La

1. Rebeccas cocktails (again)
2. Drinking leagally
3. Moving to London

1. Fun
2. Sex and lots of it
3. presents lolz

1. I tried speed at the weekend
2. im really ginger
3. i need 2 study

1. eyes
2. body
3. money

1. maths
2. stop stressin
3. stay sober for too long

1. Dance
2. Sex
3. Reading

1. dance
2. go to london
3. have sex

1. dancer
2. choreogrpher
3. both of the above

1. New York
2. Japan
3. Italy

1. nevaeh
2. Francesca
3. kermit

1. I kiss girls sometimes
2. Im good at manipulating
3. I dump people and dont feel bad about it

1. I shop shop shop shop
2. I gossip and bitch a lot
3. I get annpyed wen louis doesnt txt within like 8 hours!
Current Mood: worriedworried
Current Music: Jet~ Cold Hard Bitch

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January 21st, 2005

05:11 pm - Hello Stranger!
Wow, its been like a year and a day since i last updated!! Loads has happened since then!! Me n chloe went 2 london which was the funnest thing ever,had sucha good time, definetly one for the history books!! Got drunk in skl for the halloween disco which again was rather hilarious and proved for many kodak moments! Went to see Joss Stone wiv Chloe which was soooo good,will be you on that stage soon hun!! Then there was the whole festive season which was the best! Ha dout 6th year nite out which, in many was was disasterous!! But was also a nite 2 remember,so many ppl sent home,so many ppl being sick,and yet i think i was the drunkest there and suffered no punishment, GO ME!! Was the skl talent show,Amy and i stole the show with our fabulous tap dance to Smooth Criminal and it was a ncie way to end that term at skl! Christmas hols, hmm, in many ways were fun fun fun, santa was very gd 2 me and i had a gr8 time bondin wiv m8s and havin a laugh,but,i had my drink spikend which totally messed up my xmas and i was really scared about wat mite have happened but luckily nuthin bad did happen,cept i rememba nuttin and was violently sick for a good while,but hey, i live 2 tell the tale!! Then of course my man came up (anotha london story!) and celebrated new year wiv me and it felt so good bein with him and every time he leaves it gets more difficult, thank the lord for mobiles!! Goin down 2 see him in Feb tho for Valentines which shuld be luvly, told me he wuld spoil me so he bloody betta!!And yes folks, i may be in love,well yes i am in love,and cant help feelin para that he may be...hmm how shuld i put it...shaggin about!!But im sure hes scared bout the same thing but hey, long distance stuff, gotta love it!!
And now i eagarly await my prelims.....gr8! and goin 2 london of course!! We have entered the scary part of the year,exams,auditions,leavin skl, the prospect of movin away.....of course its excitin and it has 2 happen but its a whole lot of pressure!! Got my London audition in april....FUUUUUUCCCCKKK!!! Kinda excited tho, i reeeeeaaaalllly hope i get it,its so where i want to be,gonna have 2 train like crazzy b4 it.....o w8, i already am!! If i dont get in, it wasnt meant to be and wherever i end up will be the right place.....i hope!! Need 2 get my Edinburgh audition changed....no time 2 prepare a drama thing due to evil fuckin prelims ahhhhhhh!!! The stress!! Need 2 releave sum stress by goin out this wkend n goin a bit crazzy coz i've been majorly freakin out the past week,Blanket 2nite,Garage 2moro, cant w8!!Think i mite need a wee sleep 2nite b4 i go out coz im knackered!!! Jus spoke 2 chloe,shes bak in the country after bein away for like a year!!awww munchkin!

well, time for a sleep!!
Current Mood: draineddrained
Current Music: Kasabian~ LSF

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October 18th, 2004

07:15 pm - This is becoming sum kinda addiction now!
Name a CD you own that no-one else on your friends list does

Darkstorm mixtape,no1 on here has it,1 otha person on msn does he he!

Name a book you own that no-one else on your friends list does

ummm...."The Oxford Book of English Verse"...dont ask!

Name a movie you own on DVD/VHS/whatever that no-one else on your friends list does

umm umm umm.....All that Jazz...correct me if im wrong!

Name a place that you have visited that no-one else on your friends list has

Name Four Bad Habits You Have:
1. Secretly dwelling on stuff
2. getting drunk n sayin/doin stuff i shuldnt
3. forgetting to tell ppl where i am
4. at times bein selfish

Name Four Things That You Wish You Had:
1. a better figure
2. the ability to be fluent in another language
3. a constant supply of money
4. a plce in a dance school in London

Name Four Scents You Love:
1. fizzy lizzies
2. anna sui~dolly girl
3. versace baby blue
4. freshly baked bread and coffee!!

Name Four Things You'd Never Wear:
1. leggings
2. trackies
3. white stilletoes
4. pvc catsuit

Name Four Things You Are Thinking About Now:
1. goin to London,ahhh!!
2. hmm,i shuld really start my Hamlet essay
3. fuck my eye is so sore
4. hmmm.....sum1.....he he he

Name Four Things That You Have Done Today:
1. Went to work
2. tried the new flakes
3. danced a lil
4. chatted on msn

Name the Last Four Things You Have Bought:
1. tube ticket
2. lunch+coffee
3. went for a sunbed
4. water

Name Four Drinks You Regularly Drink:
1. water
2. diluting orange or pink grapefruit juice
3. diet pepsi
4. variety of alcohol

Last Person You Hugged?

Last Thing You Laughed At?
G bein crazzy!

Last Time You Said 'I Love You' And Meant It?
last nite

Last Time You Cried?
last nite a lil bit wen i was talkin 2 Ria

What's In Your CD Player?
god knows,ipod ppl, ipod!!

What Color Socks Are You Wearing?

What's Under Your Bed?
lots n lots of stuff!!! jens winnie the pooh beanies,theres hundreds!! and sum skl stuff

What time did you wake up today?
8:30am grrrrrrr

Current Hair?
its all wavy n kinda big,was damp wen i tied it up this morn n i jus put it down!

Current Clothes?
comfy stuff!

Current Annoyance?
my god damn sore eye!!

Current Desktop Picture?
two ballet dancers

Current Worry?
will i actually do this Hamlet essay?

Current Hate?
my work

Last CD You Bought?
i have no idea.....

Favorite Place To Be?
i luv ria,nic+krissas house,they r all so....i dunno,probz jus coz they aint my house lolz!

Least Favorite Place?

If You Could Play An Instrument?

Do You Believe In An Afterlife?
emmm,im not sure....

How Tall Are You?
again,not sure! bout....5"4....?

Favorite Season?

Favorite Day.?
dont mind mondays now coz i do nuttin in skl he he and saturday

Where Would You Like To Go?
rite now....LONDON!! o 28, i'll b there on thursday,yaaaaay!!
Current Mood: excitedexcited
Current Music: What You Waitin For~Gwen Steffani

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October 15th, 2004

03:20 pm - i had to do it,i culdnt help myself
1. WHAT IS YOUR FULL NAME? Kristina Saunders

2. WHAT COLOUR PANTS ARE YOU WEARING? lil pink short ones that have lips on them which krissa bought me!


4. ARE YOUR LEGS CROSSED? no,sittin in a very weird position actually....

5. WHAT WAS THE LAST THING YOU ATE? a tuna pitta bread thing at lunch


7. HOW IS THE WEATHER RIGHT NOW? not 2 bad,cold but its dry

8. LAST PERSON YOU TALKED TO ON THE PHONE? Katie,lolz,was a funny convo,miss her!!

9. FIRST THING YOU NOTICE ABOUT THE OPPOSITE SEX? eyes,gott ahve nice eyes also a gd body is a bonus!

11. HOW ARE YOU TODAY? Im gr8,no more skl for a week,yaaay!got a sore eye tho :(

12. FAVOURITE DRINK? water or lucozade!

13. FAVOURITE ALCOHOLIC DRINK? Passoa!!!lolz o the memories! or Vodka redbull,or Long Vodka or peach schnapps n lemonade or....ok stop!!

14. FAVOURITE SPORT? dancins a sport.....it is!

15. HAIR COLOUR? dark brown

16. EYE COLOUR? blue

17. DO YOU WEAR CONTACTS? yuup,well im wearin one at the min coz my left one is all blaah

18. SIBLINGS? big sis kennifer,yes,jennifer saunders haaaa,o w8 its not funny anymore,oh well!

19. FAVOURITE MONTH? summer months or december

20. FAVOURITE FOOD? emmm....pasta and bread i think....

21. LAST MOVIE YOU WATCHED? Moulin Rouge in media studies,gotta luv that movie

22. FAVOURITE DAY OF THE YEAR? dunno,ask wen the year is over!!

23. SATURDAY OR SUNDAY? hmmm,sat coz sat means dancin and sunday means i got skl the nxt day,ahhh!

24 ARE YOU TOO SHY TO ASK SOMEONE OUT? nah,u dont ask u dont get lolz but generally i prefer 2 b asked

25. DO YOU LIKE MARMITE? neva tried it but i dont imagine i wuld!

26. SUMMER OR WINTER? i luv both,summer,if its hot can b luvly n loads of fun can b had,plsu theres loads of time 2 do nuttin,but winter is kinda special 2.espesh if it snows

27. HUGS OR KISSES? huggles all da way!


32. LIVING ARRANGEMENTS? mum,dad,sis+cat

33. WHAT BOOKS ARE YOU READING? Lolita and The Cruicable

34. WHAT DID YOU DO LAST NIGHT? taught my lil street dance ppl and went 2 my skl awards ceremony,less said the better!oh and had a big long convo with chloe on da fone lolz

35. DID YOU WAKE UP BEFORE YOUR ALARM WENT OFF? no actually,i rarely do,but i fell bak asleep for 10 mins extra this mornin he he!

36. DO U MISS BIG BROTHER? emmm....no!

37. FAVOURITE SMELLS? emm well obv perfumes that i like and also Versace Baby Blue Jeans, certain scent that reminds me of a certain sum1...;)

38. WHAT INSPIRES YOU? people who never give up despite obstacles they face ,people who are dedicated to what they want and what they love but are content with what they've got and stay grounded and close to the people around them

39. BUTTERED, PLAIN, OR SALTED POPCORN? wat happened 2 sweet!!

40. FAVOURITE CRISPS? emmm...dunno really,Walkers Sensations?

41. FAVOURITE CAR? Mazda RX-8 my god its sexy,so damn sexy lolz!

42. FAVOURITE FLOWER? Roses,white or red

43. HOW MANY KEYS ON YOUR KEY RING? loads!bout 5....no 6 lolz!

44. CAN YOU JUGGLE? it is a secret quality that i possess!!
Current Mood: complacentcomplacent
Current Music: Tilt ya head back~Nelly ft Christina

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October 12th, 2004

04:01 pm - I luv saddo surveys!
1.What time is it right now? 16:02

2.What's your first name? Kristina

3.What's your middle name? me not got 1.....:(

4.Do you like your middle name? i probz wuldnt if i had one!

5.What year were you born? 1987,wen all the greatest were born!

6.What school do you currently attend? Notre Dame High School....for girls...."mon the ND posse!!"...yea

7.Who's your best friend that's your age? punchbag ria and chloe

8.Who's your best friend that's younger than you? my lil chica krissa

9.Who's your best friend that's older than you? the worse influence on my life,who else but Nic!

10.Which one of your friend's birthdays is closest to yours? emmm anns is the 11th,mine is 15th so her i guess!

11.What kinda car do you have? dont drive.....yet....

12.How much money do you have in the bank right now? dunno,2 scared 2 look,not withdrawn any in sooo long so im hopin i have nuttin 2 fear when i finally look!

13.Which one of your friends lives closest to you?Heather,jus up the road!

14.What kinda shirt are you wearing? my skl one

15.How is your hair styled today?lmao styled,r u kiddin,its a tuesday for the luv of god!

16.What was the last movie you saw at the theatres? i dont wanna mention the name,puts the fear of god in my heart!!

17.What kinda snacks did you buy at the theatres? lolz we bought sum kidna fruity thing+crispy m&m's and ate like half the fruity things coz we were so terrified,then rias sis ate the m&m's grrr

16.What was the best movie you've seen all year in theatres? despite how horrific it was it was still a powerful piece of film making so its gotta be "The Passion of the Christ" and also shrek 2,no need 2 explain of course!

17.Who was the last person to send you a handwritten letter? Ria gave me a luvly and hilariously funny note 2day....that counts...luv her notes,got boxes full!

18.Who was the last person you looked at? ....i have no idea....

19.If you could be any cartoon character, who would it be? Tinkerbell without a doubt,shes pixie dust princess,my idol

20.What word best descibes your best friend? Ariana-words cant describe, Chloe-phenomenal! Krissa-wise (beyond her years) Nicole-inspirational

21.Describe the term 'best friend' please:someone who accepts you for who you are and wuldnt never attempt to change you,doesnt take you for granted,is understanding and forgiving of most situations,sees beyond material things and things that society conforms to in order to support you and well,just in order to be a friend!

22.Does it hurt when someone you consider a best friend doesn't consider you one? well, yes,it hurts in most situations to find out some1 doesnt feel the same way you feel

23.What was the last cd you bought? lolz buy cd's, honestly!!

24.What one cd was a total waste of money? dont remember....not bought one in so long!

25.Are you bored yet? wuld i be doin this if i wasnt?

26.Who was the last friend to sleepover at your house? emmm was a while ago,but im sure it was krissa....

27.Which one of your cousins is closest to your age? im...not...sure...

28.Which one of your friends could be considered your evil twin? nic,but we're both as bad as each other at the end of the day!

29.What was the last thing you ate? my lunch!

30.Who did you last take a picture of? lmao,ria last week doin her crazzy face,wonder if annnoticed them yet....lmao

31.What do you have on your bedroom walls? posters,pot-its (still!!) and random bits of blu tack!

32.Are you currently reading any books? of course

38.If yes, which ones? Lolita

33.Do you have any pets? oui, un chat,elle s'appelle cleo!

34.Do you like the Nickelback song "how you remind me"? ...i can listen 2 it

35.Are you right or left handed? right

36.What was the last song you listened to? Ashanti-Turn it Up...now its Brandy-Anybody!

37.Who was the last person you called? my sis

38.Who do you have a crush on right now? im not entirely sure....

39.If you could be any celebrity for a day, who would it be?i wuld never trade lives with a celebrity for a day unless i got 2 keep all their money,then came bak 2 bein me!

40. What time is it now? 16:26

Well, wasnt that a nice waste if time,i thot so!!
Current Mood: crazycrazy
Current Music: Brandy~Anybody

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October 10th, 2004

09:10 pm - ...Pelvic....BBQ!!!
Jus finished my englsih hwork so i decided 2 do a lil post coz i've not in a few days!Jus bak from A Rocks game, woooooow those guys r hott, not 2 mention the team they were playin,my god,i was in my element,satisfied doesnt even begin to cover it!!Plus i had Paul sittin nxt to me so i was like yuuuummm!!Went thru 2 bottles of water in the time i was there tryin to keep myself cool lolz!But yea it was fun,whoever thot basketball could be so entertaining,think i shall be going to those games more often!Also have to give Nic a mention coz well,thats the main reason i went....to begin with lolz!She was great n looked all luvly in her lil uniform n her lil sparkly pom poms,all in all,was a gr8 nite!!Last nite was fun to,went round to nics to get her drunk coz she stood on a nil and it went riiiite thru her trainer and into her toe.Ouch to say the least.So paul and i decided the only way to deal with this trauma was to get her absoloutely steamin and lapdance for her....lapdancing provided by no1 else but myself,well and Paul....but we all know she appreciated mine more he he!!Paul decided the song of the nite shuld be "Breathe and Stop" by Q-Tip,and proceeded to sing this the whoooolllleee damn nite,and 2day coz he knew it was pissin me off,but i still luv him 2 pieces,how culd i not!And not Chloe for the record nuttin happened,things were jus like they always were and thats fine by me!11 days til London,ahhhh,me is oh so very excited,cant wait to get out of Glasgow for a while,plus i just know there will be a constant supply of fun available and also get 2 c G (not spoke to him in a while,but he passed his drivin test,go him) and Louis (big afro,told me stuff ;) )While on the subject of him,im slightly anxious about seeing him as im not enitirely sure how 2 be around him now...im sure its enevitable that im feeling this way,but in all honesty, its not a big thing,but i find it difficult hearing that kinda stuff,jus me being me!But we've been talkin fine on the fone n thru txts so im sure theres nothing to worry about and i anticiapte the good times that London shall bring ;) This week will be rather chaotic to say the least as the tension is on to finish off outstanding pieces of work,finalize my UCAS Stuff and enusre that all my dance college apps are in order,Also the school awards ceremony looms over me as im receiving two awards for english and drama.Awards ceremony=lots of ppl,photgraphs and standing up in front of a room full off ppl and praying that god will grant u the grace of not falling over and ur skirt not going up at the back,could be a total nightmare,or a rather pleasant evening enjoyed by all.
Oh well,not much else 2 say cept that im rather tired and im going for a shower!
much luvxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Current Mood: nerdynerdy
Current Music: Hot like Fire~Aaliyah

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October 5th, 2004

05:47 pm - AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!
Ok,weirdest thing happened 2day, was on msn, n sum1 i aint tlkaed 2 in ages,lets call him "scheming" lolz!!! came on n started gettin a lil bit dirry,so i went along with it,as i do,harmless flirtin with sum1 i used 2 like,n so it continued that way,unitl it started 2 get kinda serious then,it turned out,he is actually bein serious,looks like i may have a ....hmmm how shuld i put it....."fuck buddy" No more John,and i am feelin the strains of the lack of sex in my life,sad u may think,but its like any other addiction,smokin,drinkin,eatin,but i need sex!!!I aint 2 bad tho,i dont think/talk bout it like constantly,jus sumtimes.....a lot of the time.....ok a great deal of the time but anyway we're missin the point!!! OK,so we've arranged 2 meet up wen my mum+sis r on hols n my dads workin l8....like really,totally serious!!PPl mite wonder why im makin such a huge deal out of this,but last year i had the biggest crush on this guy n i dumped my bf of the time for him,only 2 find out "scheming" was checkin sum other gurl n was like emmm soz,im kidna seein her now,devestated!!!!Then stuff was all awkward between us,we still spoke,but it was just weird!Then he was outta my life for ages n we kinda forgot bout each other,then we had lil random outbursts of conversation from time to time,and now,my god,i really need to let ppl look at this conversation,we have arranged times and places and its like the law that we r gonna have sex wen my mum+sis r on hols!!!Hes got the best body ever tho,mmmm,cant wait now,im all excited,maybe not the best body, Paul is pretty hard 2 beat,in more ways than one,but im sure im gonna have fun anyway,i've been promised plenty of pleasure n if i dont get i'll b majorly pissed off,but i can imagine him bein gd tho,ahhh wooooow cant w8!Hes a bit late tho,where was he wen i wanted this last year!!!If he cancelled on me now i wuldnt b 2 bothered,its jus fun after all,but fun with "schemeing" im so curious!!!ahhhh!!!Well,my heads kinda screwed up now coz im like ahhh!
Current Mood: hornyhorny
Current Music: Why You Gotta Look So Good~Mya

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October 2nd, 2004

12:38 pm - nuthin really!
Just updatin coz chloe will go nuts if i dont! 19 days til London ahhh seems so close!!And Chloe dearest, theres no way she'll let me stay,its the principal of the thing,i understand where shes comin from tho!But,we'll c,plus my dads tryna c if he can sort anythin cheaper out,probz doin it out of guilt,but so he shuld!!Gig last nite was fantasitc,so much better than i anticipated,the place was jam packed!!!Louise ended up not dancin,jus me n laura,which was cool,it was sooo hot tho n sami kept makin me laugh n ib kept slappin my ass.......thanx 4 that lolz!!Was gd every1 bein 2gether tho,was fun,me n laura were the sweaty gurls last nite,only had a 15 min break!!Was wirth it tho,cant wait for the nxt 1!!!Then,wen i got home jus after 12,all ready 2 jus jump in2 my bed,my sis made me go 2 clydebank with her in a taxi coz the god damn alarm was goin off in her shop ahhhhhh,turned out there was nuttin up in the end,but we didnt get bak til after one so im totally cream crackered!!!!Also the cold has taken over and im sniffin and sneazin like nobodys business,not gd!Got dancin at 2,dunno wen we finsih but after it i plan on comin home,lyin down and not getitn bak up until 2moro mornin.John wants me 2 go n c him,dont c that happnin,hes pissed me off 2 much this week anyway for me 2 even b civilised 2 him........i really need my boots bak tho,wish i hadnt left them there!!!Reall do need 2 c him at some point tho,i h8 the fact that i know hes soooooo hurt and i know bout the probz he has,and the fact im makin them worse makes me feel terrible,kinda selfish i know,i genuinely dont wanna c him hurt,coz i wuld h8 sum1 2 b doin this 2 me,but well,hes really not makin this any easier!!!A chick in work has been caught stealin money from the til,never ever suspected her of it,not in a million years,weird how ppl can take ur trust 4 granted like that,see,this is y i dont trust ppl easily,but i've known her 4 ages.....jus shows how any1 is capable of doin anythin and yes my theory has panned out,human beings r irrational,ha!!Sum1 jus showed me a pic of a really ugly gurl and asked me wat i thot,now,as u can see,i think shes really ugly,but how do i tell him that?I dont care actually he smells weird.Also had a convo bout bisexuals wiv sami,hes tryna convince me+laura 2 become bi so we can have a 3some,he said if not,he'll jus have 2 "fuck" me, now y didnt he jus say that in the 1st place,i wuldnt do that neway,enuff of that creepin bout stuff,at least I KNOW HE HAS A GF THO!!!soz that wasnt directed at any1 at all.....o w8...yes it was....
keep it properxxxxxxxxlolzxxxxxxxxx
Current Mood: mellowmellow
Current Music: Brandy~Come as You Are

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September 28th, 2004

05:56 pm - jus fillin sum time!
well,its tuesday,only 2 more full weeks left of skl 2 go then me n chloe r off 2 London,cannot wait,shuld b soooo much fun and i think we r both in need of the break!really!!just 2 let u know again babe im here 4 u if u need anythin,anythin at all,call weneva,txt,talk on msn,write an email,im here for ya,110%!U'll get thru this,i know u will,u know how strong u r,jus stya focused n cry if it makes ya feel betta!!!Anywayz,nuff bout that!MAAAAAN wat a fuckin wild wkend i had,1st off,me n john argued all nitw while i was out,was very stressful so i got wasred and left my troubles behind for an eveing!Me n nic,after our luvly dinner,which really was yummy,ended up in Ashton lane in the infamous Vodka Wodka,as per it was crazzy in there,yet still fun!Randoms kept buyin us drinks,it was gr8 i spent like £10,go me!!Then we met ashley and ended up in The Shack....i remember nuttin,really!!I remember there was lots of freshers and they played the prodidgy....and i danced.....how!!!lolz!!Well after gettin wasted in there,we walked round the corner off of pitt street and on2 sauchiehall street....and me,bein the twat i am,fell,rite down....on a mack daddy piece of glass,sliced my ankle open,blood everywhere....tina in tears....so the stroy has been told 2 me!Ended up in the Western,I REMEMBER NUTTIN!didnt even feel any pain...until the mornin,wen i culdnt actually move my ankle!!!Funny lookin bak tho,nic was not best plzd that she had 2 try n b responsible when she was wasted,she did a gr8 job tho,thanx babe!!Sunday i pretty much jus chilled,and ate,i ate sooo much i was like,sumo!!!John pissed me off again by callin me for like 2hours....my good god,it was so pointless....we didnt even talk,and he interrupted my date with Hamlet,no1 comes between me and my tragedys!!Speakin of Hamlet,i shuld really be gettin on with that now,instead i choose 2 write in this,oh well!Im gettin an award for drama,quite proud,skl doesnt really recognise performing arts that much,and im glad helen is gettin the merit award for it,she worked so hard in that class and managed 2 withstand the moron that was Moran!I do miss big maggie tho,she was sumthin else!Feelin pretty blaaah 2 day coz i was up so l8 talkin 2 chloe and Louis,lolz,sum funny convoz bein had last nite,jus culdnt tear myself away1!Feel kinda 2 bad tho coz im neglectin garage man,keeps wantin 2 go for drinks n im like hmm ur payin m8!Plus im mega busy and dont want anythin serious 2 happen with any1 now if im movin away (hopefully) next year,but sum hugz now and again wuldnt go a miss!!!Oh oh oh,my dance class is canceled 2nite n my mum,yes my mum is tryin2 persuade me 2 go 2 a pole dancing class in her gym,i have slight reservations bout it,but not 2 many coz well,its in the westend,in Byres Road....it cant b 2 sordid....no,im sure its very tasteful....think i mite go....wat harm culd it do!
u can hire me for ur parties n i'll pole dance for u all lolz!
Current Mood: naughtynaughty
Current Music: Jimmy Choo-Shyne ft Ashanti

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September 24th, 2004

05:10 pm - unhappy bunny
Ok,im not happy.In fact,thats an understatement,im totally and absoloutely pissed off!!!Stuff with my dad has been a bit crazy since last nite,im not gonna go in2 great detail coz i dunno whoz gonna b readin this,but its safe 2 say that things r bad,very bad.They hadnt been 2 out of hand for a while,but last nite jus took the biscuit dad,really.I mean i.....no one shuld have 2 deal with that regardless of age or realation,it was just uncalled for.I dread to think about what things will be like when my mum and sis go away......im comin 2 live with sum1,im warning u now,in advance!!Im happy my mums goin away tho,least she gets 2 escape this place and him for a while.Who knows,after last nites antics he might straighten up.....who am i kidding.He'll never change. Moving away from that area coz my head cant take anymore,a shop lifter bit me 2day,thats rite,bit me,bit my fucking arm.Not impressed.It was apparent from the start she was gonna steal sumthing,im not one for stereotyping and all but she did look like the typical big issue seller,but u know,we thot we wuld giver her the benefit of the doubt.O dear.Next thing we know shes runnin out with all kinds of stuff,i jus happend 2 be near the door,tried 2 grab her dodgy,stained denim jacket,she pulled away,erin tried 2 block the door,she pushed past her and erin naerly landed on her arse,poor girl.By this time me+the shoplifter from hell are in the middle of byres road,im tryin 2 grab the stuff and as i grabbed it she bit my arm,dirty cow!!!I was in such a state of shock i didnt know wat 2 do cept push her and grab the stuff,luckily a very nice young man was able 2 hold her down for me,thanx m8,and we got the stuff bak and called the police on her junkie ass!!!!Had 2 get a damn tetnus shot from the doc,case she gave me rabbies or sumthin!i wuldnt b surprised!!!Bitch.Looks like i have an interestin nite ahead,readin/watchin Lolita (gr8 book) and doin sum more of my Hamlet essay,o the joys of high school,cant wait til nxt year wen im dancin my self silly in London as the main part of my education,it really is the dream!That reminds me,apps!!!Must finish them off!Im gonna have roughly bout £400 for goin away 2 London in Oct,not a lot really.....but its the best i can do...unless Granny is feelin generous......wat r the chances!Fairly high actually,must go n c her at sum point and plead my cause and get fed,man that woman knows how 2 cook!!Listened 2 sum of Louis' set on the radio last nite,surprisngly i liked it,not that im sayin hes a shit dj,im jus not really in2 drum n bass,but i culd b swayed....perhaps.....lolz
keep it real xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Current Mood: enragedenraged
Current Music: Amerie ft foxy Brown~Talkin to me remix

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